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Local bar associations lawyer referral services provide a valuable service to both their attorney members and the public.

Most lawyer referral services:

  • ... are run by staff at the bar association, using antiquated desktop software or no software at all.
  • ... are only available during business hours of the bar association.
  • ... are only accessible by calling or by stopping by the bar office.
  • ... rely upon the participating attorneys to collect the referral fee and remit it to the bar association.
  • ... rely upon bar association staff to correctly classify the legal problem and refer to the correct type of attorney.

Our software, developed by a Virginia attorney and former Arlington County Bar Association board member, Ryan Brown, brings the latest technology to streamline lawyer referral services.

Lawyer Referral Solutions is a turn-key, web or kiosk based lawyer referal system that:

  1. Quickly routes the client to the correct practice area using a series of intuitive questions.
  2. Collects payment up front from the client, ensuring that the Bar Association is paid at the time of referral, eliminating the accounting for the participating attorney and bar association after the fact, and ensuring that the client is invested in the referral and will follow through.
  3. Sends an e-mail or text message to the client and the attorney immediately upon referral.
  4. Handles conflicts of interest by allowing the referred attorney to reject the referral and have the system automatically assign another attorney and notify the client.
  5. Allows attorneys to register, manage their practice areas, and manage vacations online.
  6. Allows Bar Association administrators to continue to accept referrals over the phone, to manually process payments for clients without credit cards, to manually enroll attorneys, and to view the status of all referrals.
  7. Links to the Bar Association web site for 24x7x365 access to the lawyer referral service.
  8. Support for multiple languages.

The web site version is avaiable at no upfront cost and no recurring maintenance cost. Simply pay a fee of five dollars ($5.00)*, per referral, which can be included in your base referral fee, or passed along to the client as an additional charge. We offer a full money-back guarantee if you do not see an increase in referral service revenue after ninety days.

Our four point value proposition:

  1. Increase revenue for your Bar Association.
  2. Increase the number of referrals for your member attorneys, adding value to their membership.
  3. Provide lawyer referral service 24x7x365 to meet the demands of today's legal consumer.
  4. Free up your Bar Association staff for more valuable tasks.

Some of our exising clients include:

  1. Arlington County Bar Association
  2. Alexandria Bar Association
  3. Bar Association of the District of Columbia

In addition to our web site software, we offer a tablet and kiosk implementation that can be placed in the Bar Association office or courthouse lobby. The tablet and kiosk versions can be customized to include courthouse information and maps, local information, and advertisiting to raise additional revenue for the Bar Association.


Web Version

Tablet Version

Kiosk Version

Route Client to Correct Practice Area with Intuitive Questions
Credit Card Payments*
Payment Collected Upon Referral
Email and Text Message Notifications to Attorneys and Clients
Conflict of Interest Handling
Attorney Self Registration and Management
Collect Annual Fees from Participating Attorneys
Bar Association Administrator Interface
Integration with Bar Association Web Site
Branding with Bar Association Logo
Support for Multiple Languages
Advertising Opportunities 
Touch Screen Interface 
Courthouse Information Option  
Local Information Option  
Swipe Credit Card Reader  
Paper Receipt Printer  
Pricing$5.00 per referral$5.00 per referral
+ Tablet Hardware Costs
$5.00 per referral
+ Kiosk Hardware Costs

Contact us today for a free demonstration of the software and let us revolutionize your Bar Association's lawyer referral service.

*Credit card processing fees are also the responsibility of the Bar Association and will vary based upon the merchant account selected by the Bar Association. We support integration both with PayPal® and with bank merchant accounts through Authorize.Net®.

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